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Cycling in the Pentland Hills

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The Pentland Hills Regional Park is a brilliant place to cycle. Cycling is a very popular activity in the area with lots of routes to choose from. Whether you are cycling with family or looking for a more challenging ride there are routes for all levels of fitness and ability as most of the paths in the Pentlands are suitable for cycling.

Routes are often colour coded for guidance; green routes are surfaced paths or tracks, yellow routes are unsurfaced paths which may be steep, rough or boggy, and red routes are over the hilltops and are not recommended for cycling. Please cycle responsibly.

Biking through Ministry of Defence land with the Pentland Hills Regional Park, requires particular care as military training and live firing can take place at any time. They state:

“Live firing is restricted to the Live Firing Range at Castlelaw. The primary land use is for military dry training (i.e. use of blank ammunition). Red flags (daytime) and lamps (night-time) are flown/shown when firing is taking place and walkers are not allowed into this Danger Area.”

This advice may also apply to mountain bikers and we advise you check posted notices on site.

Check out the Ministry of Defence website for more information.

Mountain Bikes are a great choice for many of the trails around the Pentlands, and you dont need a super expensive bike to enjoy the trails. Check out some of the bikes and cycling kit on offer at online retailers for special offers.

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